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Walking along medieval cobblestone piazzas & fountains… you will be in the best of hands with Carlo Innocenti, the quintessential Tuscan:

and you will learn to cook the way the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of this gentle land have cooked for centuries. You will explore lesser known hill-towns and walk amidst the splendid vistas and meadows of the Val d'Orcia. From Montalcino to Arcidosso and the quaint seaside village of Castiglione della Pescaia to Siena, Carlo will show you the way of this world in Toscana - glimmering olive groves with their silvery hues and the rich vineyards of the celebrated Brunello wine. In the horizon here, your eyes will follow the fine curves which outline majestic Cyprus trees and sunflower fields … and you will savor all of the flavors of incredible Tuscan Country Cooking – La Cucina Povera

Dates: Programs run all year long. Flexible schedule depending on when guests can travel.

Cost: €2210.82
Single Supplement: €295.76




We created four exciting packages for you:

Upon request we can arrange your stay at Villa Gaia for fewer or more days with or without cooking courses.


Another culinary treat for the Villa Gaia guest will be the tour to Pienza, famous for its Pecorino cheeses. This delicious and distinctively flavorful Italian cheese, made from sheep’s milk, has been produced in the Pienza area since the first man domesticated the first sheep. It is so irresistibly delectable, that Italian school children forgo the sweet shops and spend their pocket money on chunks of Pecorino cheese! It also boasts being the birthplace of Pope Pius II, and because of this, this medieval Italian farming hamlet became one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany, encompassing all of the classical Italian Renaissance ideals.


For another look at traditional Italian cooking, sea food will be the focus when we take you to the ancient fishing village of Castiglione della Pescaia. With a view of the islands Elba and Giglio, and guarded by an ancient fortress that has withstood countless attacks from medieval pirates, the pure azure waters attract discerning visitors from all over Europe. Castiglione della Pescaia is home to only a few thousand residents, many of whom can trace their ancestry back to the ancient Romans and Pisans who originally settled here. Because of it's beauty and diversity, this seaside village has become a favorite Italian destination amongst discerning Europeans. Here you will sample delicious Italian seafood while you enjoy the fresh sea breezes in an authentic Tuscan Trattoria.

La Cucina Povera (Tuscan Peasant Cooking)

Tuscan cooking is fast becoming one of the most prized of all Italian cuisines. Top Italian chefs from all over Italy are adding Tuscan recipes to their own menus. The reason for this is that Tuscan cooking, while simple and non-elaborate, celebrates freshness and the natural flavors found in foods. In the evenings, you will take part in a hands-on cooking course, learning about the traditional flavors of Italian cooking particular to the Tuscan region. You will cook in a traditional Tuscan rustic kitchen, and food and wine will become a truly social event, enjoyed among good friends in authentic Italian style. You will dine in authentic Italian trattorias, lingering over your glass of red wine, enjoying the conversation of your companions and guide. Tuscan cooking utilizes the availability and freshness of it's native organic produce, the purest and most sought after olive oils, the freshest herbs and home-made, fresh pasta to bring out the natural flavors in foods. Tuscan cooking will shed a whole new light on the typical image of Italian cooking of heavy tomato sauces and pasta. Instead, Tuscan cooking is light, fresh, healthy and delicious, with lots of health-promoting olive oils and fresh herbs and vegetables. Tuscan cooking can definitely become a part of a healthy lifestyle!